Friday, November 21, 2008


I was having trouble with a story for Bronx Banter and my friend Michael Allen made it work. Good editors are hard to find. Good writers are even harder to find. Michael is both.


JoeyBoy said...

Thanks for reminding me about M.O. Allen's blog. I forget to visit and I'm always upset when I don't.

Todd Drew said...

I recommend checking out Michael’s blog every day. He has some exciting things coming soon.

Donna said...

I forget about that blog and need to go more regularly.

michael o. allen said...

Todd is way too kind.

Todd's writing is very clear and looks effortless. I happen to know that he actually works very hard at it. The difference is that the end result is always sparkling.

As a longtime writer, I envy his skill and talent in sculpting and creating and presenting the lives of the people who populate his stories.

I am honored and privileged to not only call him a friend, but to sometimes get to see these pieces before they are published.