Friday, December 29, 2006

New Waters

I am new to these waters. I dabbed my toe in yesterday on a whim and now I’ll wade in, one foot at a time. I’ve been poking around baseball and political Blogs for a couple of years. My favorite baseball Blog is penned, penciled or keyed by Yankees’ beat writer Peter Abraham of The Journal News. It is informative, timely and entertaining.

I have been most intrigued by the comments from readers. It’s a unique forum for debate. Obviously, it’s different than debating a friend in a coffee shop or an acquaintance on the 2 train. If things get too heated in those instances you may end up with a fist in the face.

I love opinions, but have never been very good at taking a punch. I am particularly interested to hear from people outside my neighborhood. Since I live and work in New York City and almost never leave the friendly confines, some might call me sheltered in my left wing, liberal world as we strive for a 27th World Series title and social justice. I call myself happy and lucky. My wife calls me a "Baseball Nut." The Yankees call me a "Ticket Licensee."

I was a bit nervous the first time they referred to me a "Licensee" because I’ve never been licensed to do anything. Sure, I have a MetroCard, a library card, a SABR card, an ACLU card and even a card that proclaims me a "Member" of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. I haven’t been inducted, but the card, which features a picture of the great Hank Aaron, does entitle me to free admission and a discount on T-shirts and cigars, well, if they sold cigars. But being a "Ticket Licensee" is a big step and a lot of responsibility.

They used to call me a "Ticket Account Holder," but are clearly trying to ratchet it up. Hey, it’s a lot pressure, but I’m always at all 81 home games and the three at Shea. I may not be qualified, but I am licensed so let’s go for 27.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Tough To Beat

I trust Brian Cashman and his staff to come up with the best pieces to fill out this team. A few veterans are worth consideration, but I am very excited about our young pitchers: Hughes, Sanchez, Karstens, Clippard, Rasner, Cox, Beam, White, etc. As a long-time season-ticket holder I am very pleased with everything the team has done this winter. We have a good ball club and we are going to be tough to beat.

Pitchers and catchers report in 47 days. Yeah.