Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Package

I received the package.

Barely two weeks out and my fat ticket book finally arrived. It takes a good chunk of time to check over two tickets for each of our 81 home games, but I can’t rest until it’s done. And it does kill one more night before Opening Day.

A booklet called New York Yankees: 2007 Ticket Information & Fan Guide was also in the package. I started flipping through it after the tickets were checked and stashed.

There’s not much useful information. Some descriptions and photographs of a bunch of fancy clubs and suites and a list of amenities that I don’t need.

There’s a feature on the new Yankee Stadium, which is pretty innocent until you turn to pages 34 and 35. On one page is a letter from the White House signed by George W. Bush. On the facing page is a photo from the groundbreaking ceremony that includes former New York State Governor George Pataki and current New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Representation of three men who have launched a billion injustices against the Bronx.

The only hope is sandwiched in the middle of the photo, Baseball’s Great Populist George Steinbrenner. As long as he’s in charge, there’s a chance that this great remake of the neighborhood can turn out well for everyone.

More parks, better transportation, affordable housing, quality schools, bustling local businesses and a new Stadium.

That package – minus Bush, Pataki and Bloomberg – is scheduled to arrive in April 2009.

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