Monday, March 26, 2007

View From The Bronx

Everything depends on your point of view.

Your week may be starting poorly, but someone has it worse.

A man delivering groceries asked, “Can you watch my stuff?”

“Sure, but I think your cart’s safe.”

“Hey, they stole my truck,” he snapped. “Not my hand-truck. The whole damn truck!”


Sure, we’re a little beat up right now.

First it was Andy Pettitte’s back and then it was Chien-Ming Wang’s hamstring and now it’s Jeff Karstens’s elbow.

Some fans get depressed and others get angry. None of them live in the Bronx. Those who are with this team day in and day out always hear the words of baseball’s great philosopher Mariano Rivera: “That’s baseball.”

That explains everything from bloops to blasts and bad hops to bad breaks. Mostly it says that you must have faith in the game.

Pettitte is fine, Wang is a quick healer and Karstens will bounce back.

If you don’t look ahead – Carl Pavano versus Scott Kazmir on Opening Day – you might get leveled by that stolen grocery truck barreling down the street.

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