Sunday, December 9, 2007

Line Games

Javier from Walton Avenue had something on his mind and he wouldn‘t be put off.

He walked to the front of the line at Juan Carlos’s coffee cart and stared at his friend Jon from Highbridge. Jon was in the middle of a conversation with Fat Pauline who works at a building on Gerard Avenue, but his words grew jumpy as Javier’s look intensified.

Finally, Jon stopped.

“What do you want?” Jon asked.

“Pitching,” Javier deadpanned.

“Everyone wants pitching,” Jon said. “What makes you so special?”

“I just want to talk about pitching,” Javier said.

“We can go to the park and talk about pitching,” Jon promised. “Just let me get my coffee.”

“I’ll take a regular, no sugar,” Javier said.

“Yeah, right.”


Henry said...

I want coffee too!

Pete said...

I guess nobody likes lines.