Monday, June 2, 2008

Wakeup Call

Jose’s eyes hung heavy on the 2 train this morning. The city always wakes up slowly on Mondays, but today seemed sleepier than usual.

“The Yankees looked tired yesterday,” someone offered.

That punched Jose’s button.

“You always look tired when you lose,” he fired. “It’s too easy to explain it like that. Baseball is a hard game and things don’t always go your way. That was just one of those games you have to put behind you.

“I’m sure they’ve already done that,” Jose continued. “They’ll be ready to win one tonight.”

Jose smiled and said:

“Thanks for the wakeup call.”


Henry said...

The Yankees need to grab a win tonight and finish this road trip on a high note.

Ron W. said...

I need a wakeup call. This has already been a long day.