Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What Everyone Needed

Jorge Posada talked a little baseball at The Pierre Hotel last night.

He and his wife Laura hosted their annual Heroes of Hope Gala to benefit the Jorge Posada Foundation, which raises money for research and treatment of craniosynostosis. The event was held on the Upper Eastside – a world away from the neighborhoods surrounding Yankee Stadium – but the game met him at the door.

Reporters asked about the foot injury that will keep Chien-Ming Wang out until at least September.

“He’s our best pitcher and it’s a big blow,” Posada said. “But we have to go on and win games. Someone will have to step up in his spot and we will keep it going.”

Posada’s words blared from televisions and radios and floated out of apartment windows and swirled through the South Bronx.

It was exactly what everyone in the neighborhood needed to hear.


Donna said...

Yup, he said it all right there.

Olivia said...

I'm with you and Jorge!