Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Smiles All Around

People couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces in the Bronx this morning. They came up the Grand Concourse and down Jerome Avenue and across East 164th Street from High Bridge.

Some of them gathered around Juan Carlos’s coffee cart as the old Yankee Stadium stared across Joyce Kilmer Park and the new Yankee Stadium peeked around the corner at East 161st Street.

“I can’t get The Captain out of my head,” Javier told everyone as he peeled the lid off his coffee. “That speech really got to me. I couldn’t remember most of the words by the time I left the Stadium, but I’ll never forget what it felt like when he spoke.

“Derek made me feel special,” Javier continued. “I’ve always felt lucky to be able to watch him play, but now it’s something more.

“He called us: ‘the greatest fans in the world,’” Javier went on. “That’s something to live up to. I could never let The Captain down.”

All the guys nodded and their smiles widened.


Olivia said...

I watched on TV and I know that is not the same, but I felt special as well.

Henry said...

That was just the perfect ending.

boston bob said...

Yankees are done! Thhhhhhhe Yankees are done!

Take that captain half breed intangibles.

Donna said...

I guess this Bob guy is one of the many raging-racist Red Sox fans that come to the Bronx and scream obscenities at me and my family. The hate these people spew chills me to my very soul.

Golden Mets said...

What do you expect there Donna? Most of these Yankee fans are just free loading illegals. I went to a Mets (GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS!) game their and the whole place is rather “dark”. Nobody speaks English so why don’t you all leave America? Take the Spankees with you to Mexico or Africa. Good riddance to you all.

JoeyBoy said...

I think that is enough with the racial attacks here.

Todd Drew said...

Well said, Joeyboy.