Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Hammer

Hank Aaron is being used. So what else is new?

Society has used Aaron from the day he was born and baseball has used him from the day he was old enough to swing a bat.

Now people use him as a weapon to attack Barry Bonds.

Aaron is not interested in being there when Bonds breaks his home run record. Bonds respects that, but no one else seems to.

Everywhere you turn people are slithering up to Aaron and his 755 like they’ve been behind him all along. I’m sure this bizarre twist is not lost on Aaron, but is seems to have sailed over the rest of our heads.

Barry Bonds 2007 is the same as Hank Aaron 1974. They’ve traveled the same road littered with same hate mail and the same catcalls and the same newspaper columns and the same sleazy Commissioner.

Aaron’s feelings have been stolen and twisted and his accomplishments are being used to run down another man. They are trying to turn Hank Aaron 2007 into Babe Ruth 1974.

Things never change. So what else is new?


Donna said...

I for one am surprised Henry Aaron has allowed this to happen. He has got to see what is going on. I bet he will set the record straight.

Henry said...

This whole thing is a shame for Bonds and Aaron.