Thursday, July 5, 2007

Searching For An Honest Crook

The lights blazed on the blog. The door was busted off the hinges even though it was never locked. The floor was littered with upended furniture and broken glass. Books and magazines and newspapers were strewn about.

The blog changed forms and languages and even flicked a few times, but it never went out. Several people helped me put things back on the shelves and in the cabinets. We righted the tables and swept the floor and fixed the door.

It took about five minutes to set this up back in December and I never figured anyone would try to break in and rip it apart.

Baseball is fun, right?

I still don’t know much about security so the door is open if they want to come back and destroy more books and turn over more tables.

My grandfather did get a chuckle out of the whole thing. “A virtual robbery,” he laughed. “You really can’t find an honest crook these days.”


Donna said...

This is a test. I’m still having trouble making comments.

Todd Drew said...

Sorry for the trouble. I am working to get everything reset correctly.