Monday, February 4, 2008

Always Adaptable

Min Jae Kim can hear the pounding from the restaurant where he works. It goes on all day and sometimes deep into the night.

“It’s from the construction site up the block,” he explains. “Some people complain about the noise, but I actually like it.”

Kim often delivers meals to the workers, but that’s not the reason he has grown attached to the pounding.

“I think it sounds like popping baseball gloves,” he says. “You know that scattered rhythm when a bunch of guys line up and play catch along the outfield foul line? If I close my eyes I can almost see it.”

The other deliverymen standing on Nassau Street poke fun at his vision.

Kim laughs along with them because he knows how to adapt.

“I’m a Korean working at a Chinese restaurant,” Kim says, “but my favorite food is spaghetti and I love those Dominican cigars they make up on Church Street. I can fit in almost anywhere.”

But he feels the most comfortable at Yankee Stadium with his friends.

“They are all from Taiwan,” Kim explains. “We met when they sat in front of me at a game that Chien-Ming Wang pitched. I became a big Wang fan that day.”

He lifts his jacket to show off the Wang T-shirt underneath.

“We are going to Opening Day so I hope he’s pitching,” Kim says. “But it wouldn’t be so bad if we had to go to the second game, too.”

He is always adaptable.


Donna said...

This guy is the quintessential New Yorker.

Jessica Lee said...

The better people can adapt to new environment or circumstances, the better they will become for sure.

JoeyBoy said...

You are both correct.

Jessica, from reading your blog it seems that you have traveled a lot so you must be very adaptable.

Jessica Lee said...

Hi Joeyboy,
I enjoy challenge,learn new things and make new friends every day.

Jessica Lee said...

By the way, If Wang are opening day starter, I hope he can give himself a nice birthday gift by winning that game for Yankees.

Todd Drew said...

Good job knowing Wang’s birthday, Jessica.

Jessica Lee said...

well, I think every Taiwanese know Wang's birthday. This is just how popular Wang is in Taiwan