Friday, February 22, 2008

Young Again

The snowy sidewalks have everyone else bogged down, but they don’t affect Javier.

“I’m a steady performer,” he says. “People are usually pushing by me, but they are all on my pace today.

“I’m like the pitcher you can count on for 15 wins every year,” he continues. “I may never get 20 and pick up the Cy Young Award, but I’ll always get at least 15.”

Javier stays on pitching as he pushes through the snow on Walton Avenue.

“The Yankees have a staff full of guys that can win at least 15,” he says. “I’m counting on Pettitte and Moose to be in the 15-win neighborhood, but I think they could each get 20 if everything breaks right.

“Wang can certainly win 20,” Javier continues. “Hughes and Kennedy may be limited by the number of innings they will be allowed to throw, but they can do great things.

“I know Joba will also have a limit on his innings,” Javier goes on. “That kid is still capable of just about anything.”

Those are nice thoughts to carry on a winter day.

“I’ll probably always be a guy that trusts the steady performer,” Javier admits. “These kids really have me excited though.

“They have done something pretty special already,” Javier continues. “They’ve made me feel young again.”


Pete said...

Boy, would I love to be young again.

Donna said...

Baseball and these young pitchers with their endless potential will make us all feel “young again.”

JoeyBoy said...

I feel old. Sorry, I can't help it sometimes.