Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sanchez 77

Marcus sells Humberto Sanchez T-shirts on the 2 train because that’s where he got the idea.

“I was on here after a Yankee game,” he explains. “I looked through the crowd and all I saw were names and numbers: Jeter 2, Rodriguez 13, Posada 20, Damon 18, Rivera 42, Abreu 53, Pettitte 46, Mussina 35, Cano 24, Wang 40…

“You know you’ve made it when people buy your T-shirts,” Marcus continues. “I saw a bunch of Chamberlain 62 T-shirts in September. If I’d seen that kid coming I could have made a few bucks.”

That’s when it hit him.

“I knew Humberto was coming,” Marcus says. “He had the elbow surgery so he’s been flying under the radar, but when he gets here it’s gonna be huge. He might be ever bigger than Joba because this is his home.”

Sanchez grew up just a few blocks from Yankee Stadium and came to his hometown team from the Tigers in the Gary Sheffield trade. He last pitched in this neighborhood for South Bronx High School.

“It will be something when he comes to the big ballpark,” Marcus says. “They think he could be ready around July and people are really excited about it.”

So Marcus talked to a guy at a bodega on Gerard Avenue who has a cousin that knows someone who deals in T-shirts.

“We started simple with just his name and number,” Marcus explains. “But I want to add a catchy line like: Joba Rules or Got Melky?

“That will come eventually,” Marcus reasons. “I’m not too worried because business is good. I guess Humberto has really made it.”

Sanchez 77 is on the 2 train.


JoeyBoy said...

Great, another Yankee shirt to buy! You can never have too many, although my wife will probably disagree.

Pete said...

Sanchez could end up very similar to Joba as a big bullpen addition in the second half of this season and then he can go right into the starting rotation next year. He has that kind of stuff.

Donna said...

Local guy makes good. I like this story a lot.

Henry said...

I can invest in another Yankee shirt. No problem.

Larry Jaffe said...

how do i order it online ? :)