Thursday, February 22, 2007


Order has been restored to Spring Training. Mariano is smiling, Moose is working on crossword puzzles, Carl is fitting in, and Derek and Alex are playing catch.

The hottest piece of news to come out of Tampa yesterday was that George Steinbrenner had fried catfish, potatoes, corn, chocolate cake and coffee for lunch and then used the old park-in-front-of-the-lunchroom-then-slip-out-the-side-door gag to ditch a group of quote-hungry reporters. Peter Abraham of The Journal News had the best angle on the story and even snapped a picture of the decoy vehicle, which was a golf cart.

Today promises only baseball and more cat-and-mouse with The Boss so I thought it would be a good time to confess:

I love baseball, burritos, the B train, and Barry Bonds.

I also love my wife, my dog, my team, my city, my neighborhood, and my seat at Yankee Stadium.

I attend every home game and watch every road game on television.

I know that’s not normal.

I realize I’m crazy, which means I’m not crazy. I think.

It’s really insane to score every game, but I do it anyway.

I’ve had good ideas: Starting a blog.

And bad ideas: Becoming an art student through the mail.

I bleed Yankee blue and will defend my team and everyone on it until my last breath.

I believe Derek Jeter is the most important man in this city.

I also believe Alex Rodriguez will lead this team through October.

And that Mariano Rivera will get the final out of a glorious baseball season.

I believe Carl Pavano will have a comeback season.

I always vote for Ralph Nader.

I know that Mike Mussina means more to this staff than any of us realize.

And that Jorge Posada is the toughest man in the world.

I can’t wrap my mind around how great Robinson Cano can be.

It’s impossible not to love Johnny Damon and Jason Giambi.

Young hitters should watch Hideki Matsui.

Young pitchers should watch Chien-Ming Wang.

It’s good to have Andy Pettitte back.

The Bronx will buzz when Humberto Sanchez makes his first start at Yankee Stadium.

Phil Hughes’ first start will be declared a holiday.

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