Friday, February 9, 2007

El Duque

I believe in Orlando Hernandez.

I believe in his smile, his style, his kick, his skip, and his passion.

I believe in him regardless of his uniform.

I believe he should have worn only those of the Industriales and Team Cuba.

I believe he has the sharpest tactical-pitching mind in the world.

I believe he throws 119 different pitches.

I believe he is 26 years old.

I believe he has magic in his right hand.

I believe only Cubans truly understand him.

I believe he is still Fidel Castro’s favorite pitcher.

George Steinbrenner’s, too.

I believe he should end up in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

I believe that, someday, I will meet the great El Duque in Havana’s Parque Central for coffee, cigars and a game of dominos before walking to Estadio Lationamericano to watch him take the mound for the Industriales.

I believe that is the way it should be.

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