Monday, April 30, 2007

What We Want

Everyone on this team has been taking their share of responsibility for the disappointing start to the season. You can count me as one of them.

The New York Yankees are my team and that will never change. I know that tomorrow we will start to see how good this ball club can be.

George Steinbrenner believes:

“The season is still very young,” Steinbrenner said, “but up to now the results are clearly not acceptable to me or to Yankee fans. However, Brian Cashman our general manager, Joe Torre our manager and our players all believe that they will turn this around quickly.

“I believe in them,” he continued. “I am here to support them in any way to help them accomplish this turnaround. It is time to put excuses and talk away. It is time to see if people are ready to step up and accept their responsibilities. It is time for all of them to show me and the fans what they are made of.

“Let's get going,” Steinbrenner went on. “Let's go out and win and bring a world championship back to New York. That's what I want.”

That’s what everyone wants.

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