Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Finding A Way

Joe Girardi says the same thing every day:

“We have to find a way to win.”

The Yankees have found their way through injuries and suspensions and endless road trips and cold days and rainy nights.

“We have to take it (a 14-13 record, one game out of first place) because that’s where we are,” Girardi said after last night’s win in Cleveland. “I’m happy with the effort, but I think we can play better.”

The hitters did have some better luck and scored four runs in the sixth inning with just one ball getting out of the infield.

“We took some big swings and got some soft rolls,” said Mike Mussina, who picked up his 253rd career victory. “The breaks went our way and we’ll take it.”

Morgan Ensberg had a slightly different view:

“We’ve tried hitting the ball hard,” he said. “But that doesn’t seem to work. Robbie (Cano) knows it and Jason (Giambi) knows it, too. I guess we need to start dribbling balls and rolling balls over. That’s how we got our runs tonight.”

Ensberg smiled.

“I think of that as: Justice.”


Donna said...

I loved Ensberg’s interview. I think he is going to fit in here nicely.

Ron W. said...

I would like to see some more “Yankee Justice” tonight.

JoeyBoy said...

They just need to keep finding a way to win.

DMan said...

Yankees are in a good spot considering what they've gone through..

It's a long road ahead too, with A-rod and Posada hurt..

Let's hope they can keep it together and press on.

Todd Drew said...

That’s a great point, DMan. The Yankees are in a good spot when you consider everything. I think we’ve got the players to carry this thing through. No season is ever easy and I didn’t expect this one to be either. It is going to be a good one though.