Monday, April 14, 2008

Rise Above It

The 2 train was being held at 72nd Street. People started to stir and sigh and some were even grumbling. Carl from Mott Haven stood in the back and read the newspaper.

“There’s no sense in being worked up about it,” he explained. “It’s out of our control so you just need to relax and do your best getting to work on time.”

Carl was inspired by Jorge Posada’s words.

“We have to keep battling,” Posada told reporters after the Yankees lost last night’s game and Jose Molina to a hamstring stain. “There will be nine guys out there scratching to win a ballgame. It’s going to be tough, but we have to try and rise above it.”

Posada was probably just getting to Tampa with the rest of the Yankees when the doors finally closed on the 2 train and it lurched toward downtown.

“You have to stay patient and focused,” Carl said. “This train will get us to work and the Yankees will get us some wins. We all have to rise above it.”


Pete said...

This team has the players to fight through this. Now, they just have to do it. Posada is a leader so I am glad he is speaking up. Having Jeter back soon will help.

Henry said...

The team seems to have a lot of fight in it this year. This is a good test. I like what I have seen so far and I think the results will come.