Monday, January 22, 2007

Field Of Legends

When you walk into the Negro Leagues Museum in Kansas City, there is a huge room with life-sized bronze statues of some of baseball’s greatest players. They are at their positions on the field, but you are separated from them by chicken wire the same way they were separated from the Major Leagues.

The only way to step on the Field of Legends is to walk through the entire museum. That gives you plenty of time to make out your lineup card:

Leading off:
In centerfield, Cool Papa Bell from Starkville, Mississippi.
At second base, Ray Dandridge from Richmond, Virginia.
Playing first base, Buck Leonard from Rocky Mount, North Carolina.
Batting cleanup:
Catcher, Josh Gibson from Buena Vista, Georgia.
In rightfield, Oscar Charleston from Indianapolis, Indiana.
The designated hitter, Martin Dihigo from Matanzas, Cuba.
At third base, Judy Johnson from Snow Hill, Maryland.
Playing shortstop, Pop Lloyd from Palatka, Florida.
And rounding out the order:
In leftfield, Leon Day from Alexandria, Virginia.

And pitching, the greatest hurler ever, Satchel Paige from Mobile, Alabama.

Yeah, that’s a lineup.

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