Saturday, January 6, 2007

Let’s Play Two Or Three

Saturday makes me feel young. Sometimes, when the Yankees are home and I get to the Stadium early enough to have coffee over batting practice, the world seems almost perfect. Like when I was a kid and every day was Saturday.

I was lucky enough to grow up across the street from a schoolyard that had four baseball fields. During the summer there were eight teams and we played one game in the morning, ate a free lunch in the school cafeteria and played another game in the afternoon. There were always enough guys to make two teams and play a third game before dark.

Today, should be that kind of day in New York. It’s over 60 degrees and I should be at the Stadium. On the walk home I should be able to stop in the park and watch a neighborhood game. The type of game that meant so much when I was 10-years-old.

They are actually playing that game in Washington Heights at Highbridge Park.

Gotta go...

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