Friday, January 25, 2008

No Rats

The Bronx never forgets.

Because of that – and a few other things – the guys around Juan Carlos’s coffee cart weren’t ratting out Chuck Knoblauch this morning.

United States Marshals are trying to track down Knoblauch so they can serve him with a subpoena to appear at a deposition for The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

“The Feds aren’t gonna find anything if they start poking around here,” says Javier from Walton Avenue. “I’m not saying that we know anything. But they wouldn’t get it out of us even if we did.”

Baseball loyalty is strong in this neighborhood and Knoblauch hit leadoff on four American League Pennant winners and three World Series Championship teams.

“Everyone remembers what Chuck did,” Javier says. “He played his heart out for us just like they all do. Maybe he’s not perfect, but he’s a Yankee and that means something around here.

“He just wants to be left alone,” Javier continues. “You can’t make a guy talk if he doesn’t want to. I’m sure he has his reasons for trying to avoid this mess and I’ll bet they’re a whole lot more honorable than anything on the other side.

“They may catch Chuck one of these days,” Javier says with a shrug, “but you can be sure that the rat won’t come from the Bronx.”


Pete said...

Way to be, Javier! It’s good to know there are still decent people in the world.

Henry said...

“You can’t make a guy talk if he doesn’t want to.”

Javier needs to remember that New York City is part of the United States of Torture, um, er, America.

The U.S. government maintains secret prisons where we torture around the world and, of course, there is that little monument to torture we have in Guantanamo Bay.

We even torture right here, but the evidence was, um, er, destroyed.

Can’t make a guy talk? Yeah, right.

Henry said...

Incidentally, Knoblauch should stay underground. He doesn’t want to get mixed up with a bunch of grandstanders from Congress. The way they operate he will probably have his pocket picked, his identity stolen and his bank account emptied.

Donna said...

Are you calling our elected officials crooks?

Henry said...