Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Worst Of It

Maybe this is the worst of it.

At least that’s what the guys huddled around Juan Carlos’s coffee cart were hoping for this morning.

“They say you have to hit the bottom before you can start back up again,” said Javier from Walton Avenue. “I hope this is the turning point because the winter is starting to drag me down.”

Everyone agreed.

“I was excited about the guys who are already throwing in Tampa,” admitted Jon from Highbridge. “But that only takes you so far.

“It should be time to play ball,” Jon continued, “but Spring Training and Opening Day still seem like they are a long way off.”

“Chin up,” ordered Javier. “This is the worst of it. It has to be…”


Pete said...

I’m with you guys.

Donna said...

With Congress involved there are sure to be worse days ahead.