Sunday, January 27, 2008

Same View

Everyone goes looking for a different view once in awhile.

You walk streets that you don’t usually walk and ride trains that you don’t usually ride and get coffee at places that you don’t usually hang.

Mostly you just watch people playing ball in parks and parking lots and even in the streets.

Then you see two kids on the A train from Harlem. One is Derek Jeter and the other is Alex Rodriguez. They race to the end of the car and one slides into home with the winning run.

“Jeter always scores,” he says.

“Because A-Rod always drives him in,” says the other.

Then you grab a counter seat and order coffee and a guy yells over your shoulder.

“Two cheese dogs and an order of cheese fries.”

Then he whispers to the waitress.

“There are only 18 days until pitchers and catchers report.”

The view is always the same around here and that’s what you were looking for all along.

Eighteen days.



JoeyBoy said...

18 days to pitchers and catchers is the only view I need!

Pete said...

When you get right down to it I guess the view is always the same.

Donna said...

Looking at things differently is always a good idea.