Thursday, September 11, 2008

Boxed In

Every day revolves around baseball. Yesterday afternoon’s game in Anaheim wasn’t enough to get me out of work, but around game time I did end up in a room with a radio and a bunch of boxes to pack and ship.

I listened and taped and stacked and beat the boxes like drums in the fifth inning when Andy Pettitte struck out two with the bases loaded. I held my breath when the count went to 3-2 on Robb Quinlan and I banged one of the boxes when his hit scored three runs for the Angels.

I tried to will the Yankees back inning after inning and box after box. I was drumming again in the ninth with the tying runs on base and Hideki Matsui at bat. The game ended quietly with just a single thump on top of the last box.

I hauled everything to the shipping department and headed home on the 2 train.


JoeyBoy said...

Playing baseball at work is more fun when you win.

Donna said...

Another tough loss.

Ron W. said...

The life of a fan can be rough. Hang tough.

Hey, that rhymes!

Olivia said...

Ha, ha. Funny story.