Friday, September 12, 2008

Peanut Butter And Wins

Dinner plans were carried in an over-stuffed sack this morning.

“I brought an extra sandwich,” said Jimmy D. as he waited for the 2 train. “I won’t have time to get anything after work so I’ll eat on the way to the game.

“I’m going with peanut butter,” he continued. “That’s the same thing I had the night Aaron Boone hit the extra-inning homer to win the pennant. I remember still tasting it in the back of my throat when I was cheering that ball over the wall.”

Jimmy D. laughed to himself.

“It’s funny how you remember things like that,” he said. “I guess peanut butter will always taste like a pennant to me.”

“Do the Yankees always win when you eat a peanut butter sandwich?” someone asked.

“I’m sure they don’t because I eat them all the time,” Jimmy D. answered. “But I don’t remember those games.”


Donna said...

I like to remember the good games. That pennant winner is one I will never forget.

Ron W. said...

I am hoping for a good one because I have tickets for the game tonight. I hope I didn’t screw things up because I had tuna fish for lunch.

Olivia said...

Please eat TWO peanut butter sandwiches today!

JoeyBoy said...

I’m going with peanut butter on my cinnamon raisin bagel this morning. Heading to the game, Let’s Go Yanks!