Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Never Too Late

Javier got a late start this morning. He dragged down from his Walton Avenue apartment and made a quick stop at Juan Carlos’s cart for coffee – regular with two sugars – and a jelly donut.

“I need it to go,” Javier snapped. “I’m late for work, again.”

“You gotta quit hangin’ out at the Stadium all night,” Juan Carlos said.

“I got caught up in a conversation,” Javier explained. “There are some things that can’t wait until morning. They need to be dealt with in a bleary-eyed frenzy.”

Juan Carlos laughed as he finished packing the coffee and donut in a paper bag.

Javier smiled and said:

“Besides, it’s all about the game and it’s never too late for that.”


Ron W. said...

Talking baseball is more fun than sleeping anyway.

Henry said...

That “I was out late at the baseball game excuse” never works with my boss either.

Donna said...

Stay out late, and then get up early? That is a recipe for, a, er, well, exhaustion.