Friday, July 13, 2007

Back To Work

The 2 train carries Carl Stevens to the only job he’s ever known.

“I’ve been taking the same ride for 42 years,” he says. “They call us ‘Building Maintenance Engineers’ now. They used to call us ‘maintenance guys’ or just ‘hey, clean that up.’

“They’ve gotten pretty formal and even make us wear uniforms,” he continues. “I don’t have to wear the whole thing. They say I got ‘grandfathered’ and can wear my Yankees hat because I always have.”

Stevens is one more New Yorker who is always ready for a fight. “They wanted me to wear this brown hat with a big ‘Maintenance’ patch on it. I said ‘Everyone in this building and in this neighborhood knows what I do. Besides, what I really am is: A Yankee.’

“I think they just wanted me to shut up so they let me wear my hat,” he smiles. “I never go anywhere without it.”

He wore it last night when the Yankees took care of the Devil Rays. “It was a good way to get back to work after the (All-Star) break,” Stevens says. “The hitting was good and Andy (Pettitte) was okay and that catch by Melky (Cabrera) was great. I really like watching that kid play. He makes me smile.

“This team has lots of fight and they’re gonna make a run,” he continues. “I’ll bet my hat on it.”

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