Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Deadline Deal

The deal went down like this:

“It’s gonna be a nice night for a ballgame,” said Carlos from Gerard Avenue. “I’ve got tickets and I’m really looking forward to it.”

“You go almost every night,” snapped Jon from Highbridge. “Why are you so geared up about tonight?”

“A-Rod’s gonna do it,” Carlos smiled. “And I scored leftfield tickets from the guy who deals MetroCards on the Grand Concourse. I got two monthlies and seats in Box 350 for a c-note.”

“Do you think you’re gonna catch the ball?” Jon laughed.

“Why not?” Carlos shrugged. “I’ve got as good a shot as anyone.”

“And then you’ll sell it?” Jon asked.

“No way,” Carlos shot back. “I’m giving it to Alex no matter what anyone offers. I just want to shake his hand and tell him to keep hitting home runs for us. Alex belongs in the Bronx and I want to make sure he stays forever.”

Done deal.

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Henry said...

Well, maybe it will be tonight. Great game though.