Monday, July 23, 2007

Sweet Sunday

It was a long weekend with long innings and longer games. Lousy Friday was followed by Great Saturday which was topped by Sweet Sunday.

In just three days, Shelley Duncan became the talk of the Bronx because of his big swings, big home runs and even bigger smile.

“How could anyone not love this kid?” Javier said after Sunday’s win. “His energy makes me feel like I could play again. On the (subway) platform last night I caught myself taking swings. Big swings. Swings just like the kid takes. Some people started laughing at me, but it was fun.”

Duncan agrees. “Everything about this game is fun,” he said.

Duncan packed a lot into his first few days in New York. Three home runs have made him the city’s newest folk hero. He took a different route than Phil Hughes whose legend grew from the day he was signed until he nearly threw a no-hitter in his second start.

Duncan toughed his way through six minor-league seasons before showing up – Roy Hobbs like – to help save the season.

“You never know how long things will last,” Javier said, “but this is going to be fun so I hope it lasts forever.”

A kid like Duncan will make you believe just about anything.

Sweet, indeed.

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Henry said...

I agree that watching Duncan is going to be fun. I only hope it lasts.