Friday, July 6, 2007

Sun Day

Baseball is better under the sun. At least it was yesterday when the ball jumped deep into the right-centerfield bleachers off Hideki Matsui’s bat.

It was a day to soak up a win and talk baseball around the players’ gate and then watch a kid in a blue T-shirt, black shorts and white sneakers slam ball after ball off the wall in Parking Lot 5 at the corner of River Avenue and East 157th Street.

He kept challenging the pitcher to throw one down the middle. It didn’t really matter where the pitches were located because he hit everything. When he finally got something that was really to his liking he drilled it over the fence toward Gerard Avenue.

He thrust his arms in air as the aluminum bat clanked on the asphalt.



Henry said...

You had fun at a baseball game? You are just going to make people mad.

Todd Drew said...

I don’t mind taking the blame for plenty of stuff, but that’s not my fault. Some people just seem to stay angry all the time.