Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Right T-Shirt

Everyone needs the right T-shirt in the Bronx.

Plenty of people stick with the classic Derek Jeter: NY on the front, Jeter 2 on the back. Joba Chamberlain has a couple of designs: The traditional: Joba Rules and the trendy: Joba The Hutt. Melky Cabrera is always popular because what’s more perfect on a T-shirt than: Got Melky?

The white-on-blue style works for Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera and Jason Giambi and Hideki Matsui and Chien-Ming Wang and Johnny Damon and Bobby Abreu and Robinson Cano.

My friend Marcus always wears one of the Humberto Sanchez – number 77 – T-shirts that he sells on uptown 2 trains before games.

Jon from Highbridge has an Andy Pettitte shirt that’s been washed so many times that the 46 is almost worn off.

Javier from Walton Avenue usually wears one with a cartoon moose that has a number 35 for antlers on days the Mike Mussina pitches, but today he made a different choice.

“I adjusted the laundry rotation to make sure my Alex Rodriguez shirt was clean,” Javier explained. “I’m sure that Moose will appreciate the choice because it should give him some more runs to work with.”

A classic Rodriguez 13 is the right T-shirt for tonight.


Donna said...

I have a pink Derek Jeter shirt, but I guess that wouldn’t be considered “classic.” I don’t have an A-Rod shirt, but I will be pulling for him.

JoeyBoy said...

Good point. I will change into my A-Rod T before I watch the game tonight.

Pete said...

A-Rod hit a homer so the T-shirts worked. It just wasn’t enough.