Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Reminder

Bobby Abreu tossed out a reminder after last night’s win.

“Anything can happen in this game,” he said. “You just have to play hard and see how it turns out.”

It didn’t start out well. The Yankees fell behind 4-1 in the bottom of the first inning when an error led to two unearned runs. But they chipped away, took the lead and hung on for a 6-5 victory.

The offense battled back, but the win belonged to Mike Mussina. He pitched out of that first inning and was able to shut down the Twins through the sixth. It was his eighth victory and ties him for the American League lead.

“I know it took me until the end of August to get to eight last year,” Mussina told Peter Abraham of the Journal News. “I’ve had a lot of things go my way. I’ve been very fortunate. I couldn’t have predicted eight wins after two months. When I got to Spring Training I was hoping to stay in the rotation.”

But Abreu reminded everyone:

“Anything can happen in this game. You just have to play hard and see how it turns out.”

Last night turned out pretty good.


Pete said...

That was a very good win. We just need to tighten up the defense a little.

Donna said...

Bobby is right. It was just hard to think that way in the first inning. I’m glad they bounced back. Moose has been outstanding!