Sunday, June 1, 2008


This neighborhood looked tired the morning after a game that was closing in on five hours. But the smiles still broke through because of an extra-inning victory over the Twins.

“That was a big win,” said someone hustling down the Grand Concourse.

A woman rushing to make the 2 train added:

“Things are starting to come together.”

A man waiting on the 149th Street subway platform explained:

“It wasn’t easy, but they pulled it off. I was drained just watching the game so I can’t even imagine how the players felt.

“I woke up with a hangover,” the man continued, “and I don’t even drink. I need to get some breakfast – with plenty of coffee – and I’ll be ready for today’s game. I’d love to see them win it in nine innings, but I’m willing to suffer through just about anything for a victory.”

Even another hangover.


JoeyBoy said...

This team is starting to get on a roll. Let’s keep it going today…

Henry said...

A hangover. That’s what it looked like alright.

Ron W. said...

I still have a hangover…