Monday, June 30, 2008

Inches And Pitches

Baseball is a game of inches and those inches matter most on pitches.

Alex Rodriguez – who had a chance to tie yesterday’s game in the ninth inning – spoke about baseball’s oldest and purest truth.

“I thought, for a moment, it had a chance,” Rodriguez said of the ball he hit to left field. “It was a good pitch that jammed me a little. I didn’t quite get it.”

Billy Wagner threw the pitch and Rodriguez took a good swing. It was just an inch that caused the ball to die at the edge of the warning track.

Darrell Rasner threw a pitch without that inch to Carlos Delgado in the third inning. It bounced off the scoreboard for a home run.

Twenty-six players battled for three hours yesterday and it all came down to two inches on two pitches.

It always does.


Olivia said...

Yup, just an inch.

Ron W. said...

That inch didn’t go in our favor yesterday. Perez was really good and Wagner is one of the best. What are you going to do?

Come back and get the Rangers today, I guess.