Thursday, June 19, 2008


Yankee Stadium was emptying out after last night’s win, but Carl didn’t want to leave his seat in Section 3.

“I feel like sleeping right here,” he said. “Then I’ll be nice and early for tomorrow afternoon’s game.”

Carl doesn’t live far – two stops on the D train – but it still seemed like a long way to go after a rain delay pushed the game close to midnight.

“I’d give anything for a cot in one of the storage rooms,” Carl said. “I’ll even take a sleeping bag and unroll it right here. I’ll grab coffee and a hot dog in the morning and be ready to go.”

Carl smiled when a cop yelled at him to get moving.

“I’d better head out,” Carl said. “I don’t want to spend the night in jail because I’d never make bail before the first pitch.”


JoeyBoy said...

Luxury accommodations…

Henry said...

It would be cool to live at the Stadium. Am I right?