Friday, June 27, 2008

Good In Everything

Javier from Walton Avenue shook his head at the possibility as he stood in line for coffee this morning.

“If only they had waited a little bit longer last night,” he said sarcastically. “The Yankees could’ve played most of three games in three different Stadiums all in one day. Beautiful.”

“I bet that woulda been a first,” someone shot.

“Yeah,” Javier agreed. “I hated to lose that lead (3-1), but the guys are gonna get plenty of work today.

“I’ve done the two-stadium doubleheader before,” Javier continued. “It was exhausting and I sat through the games. They’re big-leaguers and they can handle it, but I’m glad they didn’t wait around all night in Pittsburgh. It certainly makes today a little easier.”

Javier smiled and shrugged.

“You gotta try and find the good in everything.”


Henry said...

I guess there is good in everything. Well, most things, anyway…

JoeyBoy said...

Hey man, sometimes it’s hard to find good in anything.

Donna said...

There IS good in everything.