Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fighting Words

Edinson’s alarm clock went off at the usual time – 6 a.m. – but he was fighting to stay awake on the 2 train this morning.

“I hate West-Coast trips,” he said. “I haven’t left New York and I still have jetlag.

“These days are easier to take when the Yankees win,” Edinson continued. “It’s a real fight to get through after a loss.”

But the Bronx is full of fighters.

“I’ll make it,” Edinson promised. “I might grab a nap at lunchtime, but I’ll be ready for another late night and early morning. The team is expected to battle through every game and I always do the same. I don’t think you’re much of a fan if you’re not willing to pay that price.”

“Those are fighting words,” someone said.

Edinson smiled.



Ron W. said...

These late nights are no fun. A win will indeed make it worth it.

Henry said...

I'm puttin' on a pot o' coffee...

Jessica Lee said...

Great post, Todd.

I have a different reason to dislike those games which begun at noon in Sydney because I only can listen to game.