Thursday, June 26, 2008

Radio Voice

Javier cleared his throat and made the call:

“W-I-N-Z broadcasting from the Bronx,” he said in his best radio voice. “We bring you baseball around the clock because the whole world can change in 24 hours.”

The guys around Juan Carlos’s coffee cart smiled.

“Actually,” someone said, “it changed in nine innings.”

“Yeah,” someone else shot, “everything is right with the world this morning.”

They all laughed.

Javier unleashed his booming voice, again.

“Stay tuned,” he announced. “There is more drama and more excitement and more Yankee wins coming to you on W-I-N-Z.”

“Can we get a new broadcaster tomorrow?” someone asked.

“Can I get new listeners?” Javier fired back.


“So I guess we’re stuck with each other,” Javier said.

Everyone smiled and nodded.


JoeyBoy said...

We’re all stuck with each other, ain’t we?

Donna said...

You are correct, joeyboy. Oh yeah, you are certainly correct…