Monday, June 23, 2008

Off To Work

The 2 train carried the Bronx to work this morning.

Some people slumped sleepily in seats with tool boxes at their feet and others drank coffee and read newspapers.

Eduardo – an old left-handed pitcher from Mott Haven – wanted to talk about Andy Pettitte.

“That was some really good pitching,” Eduardo said. “Pettitte wasn’t perfect, but I loved watching him work out of trouble. Getting big outs with the game on the line really gets your blood pumping.”

Eduardo smiled.

“I would give anything for one day like that,” he said. “Just one day when I could stand on the mound and command a game. Guys like me will never know that feeling. That’s why I’ve got to watch these days.”

He smiled, again.

“And go to work on Monday mornings.”


Donna said...

That win made my Monday a lot better than it would have been if…

Jessica Lee said...

Andy is the man for sure.

Olivia said...

Andy is going to be very important heading into the second half of the season.