Monday, June 16, 2008


A restless night gave way to an anxious morning in the Bronx. Jose looked down the subway platform and into the tunnel for a 2 train.

“What’s taking so long?” he asked no one in particular. “Do they think I’ve got all day?”

Heads turned and eyes rolled.

Jose laughed at himself.

“I’m sorry to rant,” he said to anyone who would listen. “I didn’t get enough sleep and I’ve already had too much coffee.

“I spent half the night trying to get updates on Chien-Ming Wang,” Jose continued. “I eventually came to the conclusion that he was on an airplane coming home and there wouldn’t be anything new on his injured foot. I finally went to sleep, but I woke up early to check the newspapers.

“I know there’s nothing I can do,” he went on, “but I can’t help myself. I need to know what’s going on with my baseball team.”

A few more heads turned and some eyes rolled his way.

Jose laughed at himself, again.

“Where’s that train?”


Ron W. said...

I think everyone is anxious about Wang’s condition. I hope there is news soon and I hope it’s all good.

Todd Drew said...

Injury update on Chien-Ming Wang


Chien-Ming Wang was examined today at New York Presbyterian Hospital Columbia Medical Center by Yankees Team Physician, Dr. Stuart Hershon and Dr. Jason Greisberg, Foot and Ankle Specialist.

Imaging studies revealed a mid-foot sprain of the Lisfranc ligament of the right foot and a partial tear of the peroneal longus tendon of the right foot.

Wang will be on crutches and wear a protective boot for a minimum of six weeks.

Donna said...

Get well soon, CMW.