Friday, May 23, 2008

A Thing Of Beauty

Javier woke up with a smile. He untwisted the kinks from his neck, stretched his back and splashed water on his face before heading down the stairs to Walton Avenue.

His smile grew as he cut up to the Grand Concourse and bought a newspaper. The headline said: Fired Up! Girardi ejection in 9th sparks Yanks to win.

“It doesn’t really matter how you get ‘em,” Javier said. “Every win is a thing of beauty.”

He crossed East 161st Street and looked at the construction of the new Yankee Stadium and then beamed at the old Yankee Stadium sitting quietly in the morning light.

“There was some life in the old place last night,” he said. “She ain’t dead, yet.”

His smile widened as he continued on to Juan Carlos’s coffee cart.

“I’ll take a regular with two sugars, please,” he said. “And I’m buying glazed donuts for everyone.”

The guys smiled.

“That was a sweet win,” Javier said. “I jumped out of my seat when Robbie drove that ball into left field. It felt like I was running all the way with Hideki and I haven’t stopped smiling since.”

Everyone grinned and nodded as they ate glazed donuts.

It was a thing of beauty.


JoeyBoy said...

Yeah, beautiful, man.

Donna said...

Glazed donuts and a Yankee win. Yummy.