Saturday, August 16, 2008

Need To Win

The Yankees came back from three runs down in the fifth inning. And they came so close to a victory – down by one with the bases loaded in the ninth – that they desperately needed last night.

“Close ain’t good enough,” Joe Girardi snapped after the game. “We have to find ways to get it done. We had a ton of opportunities early and we had opportunities late. Because we didn’t execute, we didn’t win. At some point, you have to start executing on a consistent basis if you want to play in October.”

But Girardi isn’t thinking that far ahead.

“We need to come out and win tomorrow,” he said. “We can’t worry about this game or yesterday’s game or who’s ahead of us in the standings. We just need to win.”

It starts today.


Henry said...

This team needs a win in the worst way.

JoeyBoy said...

That may not have come out the way you wanted, but I get your meaning. A win is needed.

Henry said...

That was my drift, yes.