Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tough Customers

The guys gathered around Juan Carlos’s coffee cart were talking about tough customers this morning.

“Andy Pettitte is pretty tough,” someone said. “He came up big last night in a game the Yankees needed.”

Everyone nodded.

“Javier is the toughest customer,” Juan Carlos shot from his cart. “He’s always changing his coffee order and he has to handpick the biggest donut.”

Javier bounced on the balls of feet and threw a few quick jabs at the air.

“I’ll take you on right now,” Javier fired. “You never get the sugar right in my coffee.”

They all laughed.

“Roy Halladay is a tough customer,” someone offered. “He won’t be easy to beat tonight, but the guys have to do it.”

“Yeah,” everyone said.


Donna said...

“Tough customer” certainly describes Pettitte and Halladay. I don’t know Javier, but he seems pretty tough. Ponson has pitched well this year so I am confident he can keep us in it and we can get enough off Halladay to win.

Henry said...

"Yeah" Let's Do It.

Ron W. said...

Halladay was tough indeed.