Thursday, August 14, 2008

Orders From The Top

Derek Jeter answers the questions at shortstop. He answers the questions in Yankee Stadium and all over the Bronx and on the 2 train, too.

The trip under the Harlem River and down the Westside of Manhattan was dragging after another disappointing loss, but Javier focused on The Captain’s words.

“Derek admitted that it was a bad road trip,” Javier explained. “He said that the team needed to fix some things and start scoring runs and winning games.

“Maybe we already knew that,” Javier continued, “but it’s important that it came from Derek. On the radio last night I heard someone ask him if the rest of the team was confident and he said: ‘They better be.’”

Javier’s face turned serious.

“And we had better be, too.”


Olivia said...

I can follow orders. Can everyone else?

Donna said...

I am with you, Olivia. I will follow The Captain anywhere!

JoeyBoy said...

O.K., I am with y'all.

Henry said...

I will follow Jeter, but he better know where he’s going!