Monday, May 21, 2007

Clip Job

There aren’t as many clip joints as there used to be and the term has been gentrified as a clever name for suburban hair salons, but Tyler Clippard slipped into Queens and swiped a win for the Bronx with old-fashioned speed, skill and deception.

“He’s got a live fastball, kind of a herky-jerky motion,” David Wright told Peter Abraham of the Journal News. “He kind of comes at you with a lot of elbows and legs and he was throwing strikes. When you’ve got those kinds of off-speed pitches with that kind of control, his fastball would sneak in.”

It may not have been the greatest heist in New York history, but it was a big win from a big kid who couldn’t wipe the smile off his face.

“This is the greatest night of my life,” he said.

It got a little better when Yankee fans started with: “Tyler Clippard, Tyler Clippard, Tyler Clippard…”

“Yeah, the greatest night of my life…”

The first line of Clippard’s scouting report in the 2007 Baseball America Prospect Handbook is: “In his third full pro season, Clippard did what he has done every season – get better.”

His first start at Yankee Stadium will be electric, but it’ll be hard to top the effort he gave last night.


Z said...

Speaking of that chant, one of my favorite stories from the Yankee dynasty days was when Jeter told a reporter that during a game, when the fans starting chanting, "Sco-ott Brosius, Sco-ott Brosius," Jeter looked over and saw that Brosius himself was chanting along.

That really defines Brosius's greatness: the aw-shucks enthusiasm that made him a great postseason and clutch hitter even though he was not the greatest baseball player. We need more of those scrappy, all-out players on this team.

Todd Drew said...

That’s a nice story about Scott Brosius. He certainly gave us everything he had.