Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Usual

Coffee and eggs – over easy – rice and beans and flour tortillas is the best way to start a day. A win is the best way to end a doubleheader.

They say doubleheaders are hard to win and easy to lose and you usually split. The Yankees took the usual in the nightcap behind a strong start by Chien-Ming Wang, who was nominated for mayor over breakfast at the Crown Diner.

Ultimately, it was decided that he was far more valuable to this city as a pitcher.

“He always gives us a chance to win,” said Javier between bites of his omelet. “When they give him some runs he locks it down.”

Taking the series today would be a big step for this team. Matt DeSalvo has been very good and the bats are coming alive.

Winning two of three with the occasional sweep will become the usual in the Bronx.


Ben said...

I prefer my eggs scrambled -- with plenty of Tabasco. The Yankees could use a little Tabasco, too. And a double espresso.

Todd Drew said...

I think the jolt you’re looking for will come tonight.

carey said...

Sorry fellas: it's bacon, egg, cheese (preferably cheddar) & tomato on a toast. Ketchup, pepper & salt. At least, the way I see it, that's the true Yankee breakfast.

How so?

Well, the Yanks definitely haven't been bringing home the BACON. Not for Steinbrenner, and not for the fans. I mean, a young girl in Taiwan is tearing her hair out, for Chrissakes.

If they keep losing, Torre and his team will in fact have EGG all over them. They already do, come to think of it.

Why? In no small part because Steinbrenner has laid down so much CHEDDAR to build his victory machine -- and not just this year, as we all know -- in what appears to be an increasingly vain attempt for complete, eternal baseball dominance. (B & Z: Steinbrenner's senility is the X factor here; he's capable of anything at this point, I think, esp. if his team -- most recently valued at $1.2 billion -- keeps sucking the ocean floor). Don't get me wrong; I want that, too. But the sad fact is, I was frickin' married the last time they won it all (a claim even you can't make, Z.)

Which leads to the next problem: if the sports press keeps throwing TOMATOES after every loss (not to mention we fans), and Torre is TOAST, is it realistic to think the Bombers can right themselves in the midst of the ensuing tumult? Does anyone on here have the knowledge to cite which teams (if any -- I'm i'gn'ant) have gone on to win the World Series after their manager was fired mid-season? Just curious.

The long and short of it is, if the Yanks fail to KETCHUP to the Sox, and PEPPER their opponents with a lot more hits and runs (and strikes and outs, to be sure) than they are now. . . well, let's just say there'll be more than SALT in our wounds. There'll be upheaval in the organization.

Steinbrenner may eat both Torre AND Cashman for BREAKFAST.