Thursday, May 10, 2007

Short Stack

I rushed through breakfast and tore through the newspapers on the train. A day game after a night game is always a rush.

Compressing a normal work day into a four-hour dash can take more out of you than, well, a normal work day. But it is always a relief to sink into a seat on the train in the middle of the day and get ready for a baseball game.

This is summer in the city.


Ben said...

Enjoy it, Todd. I'll be one of those fans clicking "refresh" on And maybe putting my ear to the radio when the phone is quiet . . . .

Jessica Lee said...

So,Todd,are you gonna go to today game?Congrats

Please help me cheer Wang more.All Taiwanese will be with you.

Todd Drew said...

I do attend every home game. Wang is our ace and we love him in the Bronx.