Tuesday, May 22, 2007


The Yankees belong in the Bronx and they belong to the Bronx. These streets are home to people from around the world. They speak a hundred different languages and bring a thousand different customs, but they all draw something from their baseball team.

While the Bronx remains the poorest borough in this city and one of the poorest urban areas in this country, the Yankees fill it with a sense of worth. Some of newest to the neighborhood have never been inside the Stadium, but they understand what the Yankees mean.

Mahamadou never saw a baseball game in Nigeria. He’s lived in Highbridge for almost two years and walks past Yankee Stadium every day. He watches South Bronx High School and Hostos Community College games, but he hasn’t seen the Yankees, yet.

“I can’t wait to go,” he says. “I’m saving my money. I always listen on the radio, but I’m glad when they are home because I can see the lights from my window.”

Chien-Ming Wang lit up the Bronx with a gutsy performance last night. He battled into the seventh inning and left to a standing ovation.

“I can hear the cheering from home,” Mahamadou smiles. “Sometimes I turn down the radio and just listen.”

The sounds of home.

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