Friday, May 25, 2007

Raised To Be Razed

Jason Giambi was raised right and it’s turning out all wrong.

Giambi’s problem is that his parents taught him to be too honest, too decent, too trusting, and far too nice. Nice guys are easy targets in our society.

The big lefty can handle fastballs in, curveballs away, diving splitters, exploding sliders, and scoops at first. But he’s overmatched by the nastiness of Bud Selig and his band of billionaire owners, who are only looking out for themselves.

Giambi cares about people and he can’t hide it. His lawyer and agent have probably told him a million times not to comment on anything but the game. They understand the danger that lurks on Park Avenue. They know how mean and spiteful Major League Baseball can be if anyone threatens their bottom line.

Giambi was still determined to push the game in the right direction. Baseball pushed back with all its underhanded might. Confidential tests landed on the front page and he was called in for a sit-down.

I hope Giambi now understands who he’s dealing with, but I fear he doesn’t. His parents did far too fine of a job. They raised a good person who is being sucked into a system that’s manipulated by bad people.

It’s a dangerous situation for Giambi, but it’s even more dangerous for the game.


Z said...

Todd, I agree with you. I just do not get the anger at Giambi for basically admitting he used steroids. What's the other option? Lie like Palmiero? He got killed in the media and made baseball look much worse in the end. Take the fifth like McGwire? Ditto.

The only thing I disagree with you on is this:

The big lefty can handle fastballs in, curveballs away, diving splitters, exploding sliders, and scoops at first.

Not sure about that anymore, unfortunately. Especially the curveballs, splitters, sliders, and anything to do with playing first base. I think he can still turn on the fastball. But if you exclude his rookie season and the 2004 annus horribilus, he's currently at career lows in average, OBP, and OPS this year. A major reason for the Yanks offensive woes so far this year. He really needs to get going. Believe me, you wouldn't be hearing any talk about voiding his contract if he were producing at the plate--which makes part of your point for you, but also makes mine.

Larry Jaffe said...

As for the suits and journalists, I wonder has anyone busted these guys for alcohol abuse. It would not surprise me if alcohol ruined more lives than drugs. But since alcohol is "legal" the big fish can guzzle all they want (unless they are driving of course).