Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bronx Etiquette

Javier pumped his fist in the Bronx last night.

He sat at the television in his one-bedroom apartment and gave a fist pump after Melky Cabrera threw out Cliff Floyd at third base to end the second inning. Morgan Ensberg slapped the tag on Floyd and pumped his fist, too.

Then Javier rose from the chair and pumped his fist when Joba Chamberlain struck out B.J. Upton to preserve a one-run lead in the eighth. Jose Molina caught Chamberlain’s blazing fastball and also pumped his fist.

Chamberlain walked calmly off the mound because there are a lot of people who don’t think he should pump his fist. Those people don’t know much about baseball and they know even less about the Bronx.

“It’s like a bunch of rich golfers are running the world,” Javier said on the 2 train this morning. “They make up their own special etiquette and nothing more than a pattering golf clap and a muted “Bravo,” using a British accent is allowed.

“Everyone in the Bronx appreciates them weighing in from the country club,” Javier continued. “But they should stick to their putts and plaid pants and leave baseball to us.”

Javier smiled and pumped his fist as the 2 train rumbled under the Harlem River into Manhattan.

“That one was for the big win last night,” he explained. “It’s really the only etiquette you need in my neighborhood.”


Pete said...

Great story! I hope all the goofy golfers read it and shut up!

JoeyBoy said...

What a perfect story about the difference between people who think they know baseball and the people who really care about the game. The people who think they know baseball should stay on the golf course and in their SUVs.

Larry Jaffe said...

Fantastic friend Todd. You capture the heart of the Bronx...

JoeyBoy said...

Right on, Larry.